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Moisture Consultants, located in Point Reyes Station, California, offers moisture, mold, odor & indoor air quality investigations  and consultation services for your property. Our ability to determine the cause of moisture intrusion, mold, odor and/or indoor air quality issues in your structure will help to remove a potential source of illness from your home or business, and will help protect your investment.

We are called on by many Integrative and/or Holistic Health professionals to help their patients improve the health of their living environment.  We will provide a “laundry list” of things that you can do that are cost effective and will greatly improve the health of your home. 

Our Investigation
First, we use high-tech moisture detection equipment, infrared thermal imaging cameras, and structural knowledge to determine the cause of the moisture and/or mold problems. Using these instruments help in determining if the moisture was simply caused by condensation or there is a more serious problem. 

We then can provide different types of testing methods to check the air quality of your home or property.  The results of these tests can help determine if further action is necessary.      

Protecting Your Structure
Removing moisture sources may involve structural issues, such as keeping your siding safe or diverting your gutters. Once the problem and source is determined, we will present different solutions to the problem.

Our Costs
The charge for our initial moisture investigation is $250.00. Extra costs are involved, if we provide mold testing, or you require a formal written report, and/or if the site of the investigation is more than 1 hour from our office. Our Healthy Home Inspection Description details these additional costs and provides an outline of our inspection.

If requested or recommended, mold testing and formal written reports are extra. Travel charges may be involved if the site of the investigation is more than one hour from our office. All extra charges will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the inspection. There will be no hidden charges.

Advice on Moisture, Mold & Indoor Air Quality
In some cases, you don't necessarily need to initially test for moisture or mold depending on the air quality and/or the severity and/or cause of the mold. Most mold problems aren't as bad as you might think. For example, if you see mold growing on your shower ceiling, installing an exhaust fan over your bathtub could resolve the issue. If you don't correct the cause of the mold, any money you spend on remediation will be wasted. Many times we can give you the necessary advice to remove the mold yourself and/or correct the source of the problem without spending unecessary money hiring a remediation company or general contractor. Please click here to see a description and cost of our basic inspection. Of course, your investigation may be different depending on your particular needs.

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