Soot and Smoke Damage
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Soot and Smoke Damage assessment, Quality Control, Inspections & Document Review for Property Owners and Insurance Professionals

Your Insurance Claim

Are you confused about what to do now that you have filed your insurance claim?  Do you need help working through all of the aspects of your claim? What should I do about our clothes and furniture? How do I get rid of the smell? What about my house, how do I get rid of the odor?  How do I choose a contractor? What qualifications should the contractor have? Is the contractor I picked following the correct procedures necessary to dry and/or deodorize my house and contents? Is the contractor charging the correct amount of money? Will the bill be accepted by my insurance company?

Moisture and Restoration Consultants can assist you with all of the above services.  With over 24 years of experience in the insurance industry as a highly regarded restoration contractor (Paul Davis Restoration) and also as a moisture and restoration consultant and expert witness.

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Our focus is on making sure that the claim process flows smoothly, that the restoration contractor is being fair and performing the work correctly, that the work has been done properly and is actually complete, that the prices are in-line and acceptable to the insurance company.

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