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A Mycometer Surface Sample can help you determine if your home is within normal mold limits.

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Moisture & Restoration Consultants are experts in investigating and determining the cause of mold growth, water/moisture intrusion, odor and air quality problems in buildings and homes.  We use sophisticated moisture meters, particle counters, a thermal imaging infrared camera, and our thorough knowledge of buildings and their components to help find why you have a water/moisture intrusion, odor and/or mold problem.  We can also determine whether or not there is a problem with your indoor air quality by performing a simple test called a Mycometer Surface Sample.  

If you have mold or odor because of a moisture intrusion problem or feel you have poor air quality, call Moisture & Restoration Consultants for a free phone consultation BEFORE you call to have actual mold testing done. 

Do not assume you have to test for mold if you think you see or smell mold.  You may not have a mold problem.  As an example you might be smelling damp organic materials in the crawlspace.  Also, industry guidelines for mold remediation are very clear and testing is not necessary to trigger those guidelines. Most importantly, you must determine what has caused the mold growth and/or odor. Expensive remediation, if necessary, would be a waste of money without correcting the cause of the problem.

Mold only grows because the conditions exist for its growth – water, food, and the correct temperature range.  If you take away one of these, mold stops growing.  Normally water or moisture is the catalyst that causes the mold growth.  We can find it! 

Be aware that there are a number of mold testing and/or remediation companies that are not certified and take advantage of the consumer. They use the paranoia and fear that surrounds “mold” to “scare” you into spending a lot of money for testing that could be better spent determining what has caused the mold and correcting the problem. 

Some of these companies not only do testing but also will give you a price to remove the mold. Would you trust a company that tests itself?  Before you contract with a company like this, call Moisture & Restoration Consultants for a free and honest phone consultation.

In case we determine that mold testing is advisable from the results of our investigation, we recommend that you use a local IAQA Environmental Professional to perform that task. Or, we can perform a simple test, called an Indoor Mycometer Surface Sample, which is much cheaper than air quality testing.

Additionally, if mold remediation is needed, we work closely with the Paul Davis which is a fully certified, insured, and highly skilled remediation and reconstruction company.

  David L. Osborn, WLS, CMRS, CAPS, CBRT

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