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Soot and Smoke Damage? Mold growth? Water Damage? Moisture issues?
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A Mycometer Surface Sample can help you determine if your home is within normal mold limits.



Did the insurance contractor dry my house? Is the insurance contractor drying my home correctly?  Is the Insurance contractor taking the right steps to remove the odor from my home? Why do I have a mold problem? Is the problem big enough to affect the health of the occupants? Is, so what should I do? What do I have to do to stop mold from growing again?  Do I have a leak and where is it coming from?  How bad is the smoke and soot damage?  What do I need to do to remove the odor from my home? 

Call the Expert Now! We can help you answer all of these questions! Whether you are in the middle of a crisis or not, we can Help!

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Call someone with 27 years experience as a General Contractor and 23 years of that time as a Fire, Water and Mold Emergency and Rebuilding Contractor with all of the proper certifications. Someone who has the expertise necessary to make sure that the damage is assessed properly and everything is done correctly!

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Most of us do not know anything about the proper ways to handle water, moisture, mold, smoke, soot and/or odor damage and need someone to assess the damage and make suggestions as to what should be done, help guide you through the process with the insurance company, double check the insurance contractor’ work, review invoices, determine the cause of the damages, and basically be an advocate and invaluable resource for you!

David L. Osborn, WLS, CMRS, CAPS, CBRT

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